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My Insomnia was cured with TFT

By Dr. Colin M. Barron,M.B. Ch.B,FRSH,BSCMEH

Insomnia is a common problem which affects up to one third of the population. Some sufferers get no sleep at all, others take a long time to get to sleep while others are troubled with early morning wakening.

I have suffered from occasional insomnia since my late teens. Originally it only affected me about one night in ten. It has gradually worsened over the years and by August 2000 I was plagued with early - morning wakening and poor sleep quality almost every day.

Over the years I had tried all sorts of remedies including homeopathic and herbal preparations, lavender aromatherapy oil, autogenic training and self - hypnosis -none worked. In the past few years ,as I have trained in NLP and hypnotherapy, numerous "experts" have attempted to cure me with their favoured therapies including regressive hypnosis and "brief therapy" techniques. One Ericksonian hypnotist suggested that ,when I could not sleep , I should get up and read my insurance policies!

All of these therapeutic interventions were totally unsuccessful and when the therapists concerned learned of their failure they sometimes became angry, often suggesting that I should "just pull myself together and sleep properly." One therapist suggested I must have a "secondary gain" from my lack of sleep.

However in August 2000 I decided to try Voice Technology . My initial treatment consisted of two sessions of Voice Technology from a VT practitioner who believed he could "clear" all the toxins affecting my system with several tapping sequences. Unfortunately this treatment (which did not involve the identification of the toxins concerned) was not effective.

In October 2000 , when I was taking my Step B Diagnostic training in Cambridge, I asked Dr Roger Callahan if he could treat my problem. The following day Dr Callahan tested me with VT and came up with a single holon which I now use before going to bed. He also identified several toxins which were affecting my system namely wheat, milk, garlic, black pepper and yeast.

Within a few days of cutting out these toxins from my diet my sleep pattern improved dramatically and I had my first proper night's sleep for months. I have had a few relapses since then , but each has been traced to additional toxins namely sugar, artificial sweeteners, cream, honey, cranberries and crunchy nut corn flakes. I have also had to buy new pillows and a mattress cover and change my laundry liquid.

I have made radical changes in my diet and cannot eat many of my favourite foods but I believe the sacrifice is small compared with the benefits. This change in diet has also greatly improved my HRV. When I had my first HRV done in Cambridge my SDNN was just 28 with a total power of 120 . My most recent HRV shows an SDNN of 80 with a Total Power of 1500 so it is likely that this change of diet has saved me from cardiac disease in the future.
It just goes to show that most of the orthodox treatments for insomnia favoured by doctors are useless and that true insomnia is always caused by toxins.


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