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Thought Field Therapy Class With Joanne Callahan

Tapping To Overcome Pain.
A Drug-Free, Non-Invasive and
Simple-To-Use Approach.

Joanne callahan

Joanne Callahan,
Developer,Thought Field Therapy (TFT for short).

tappin the healer

The number one reason most people visit their doctor is for pain. However, most medications have undesirable, even dangerous side-effects.

TFT has been successfully reducing and even eliminating pain, without risk for over 30 years. It is drug-free, non-invasive and simple to use.

Many have asked us, how can they can use "tapping" to manage their pain, and improve the quality of life, without taking risky and expensive medications.

It is possible to have sound, restorative sleep, and awaken to positive feelings and excitement for a new day when you regularly tap away the negative stresses of chronic pain, before you go to bed.

We have found that the ability to quickly tap away problems and concerns related to pain, helps us to normalize our stress, boost our immune systems, and enjoy a more joyful, better quality of life.

TFT’s simple tapping has become a lifestyle for many of our long time and advanced level practitioners. It is a tool for the entire family, melting away life’s complications and freeing them to live happy, productive lives.

We have created an all new audio-class that will assist you in creating your own daily tapping protocols, and tell you about some simple ways to help eliminate self-sabotage and negative thinking, the two biggest obstacles to our health and success.

Millions of people suffer from physical pain every hour of every day. And whether it's back pain, joint pain, headaches, bursitis, old sports or military injuries, sinus pain or any other type, this ongoing physical pain robs them of a normal life, and worse, robs them of their spirit and sometimes even their will to live.

Pain can make one distressed, depressed, and full of despair. Once pain overwhelms our coping skills, we cross over from “having pain” into SUFFERING.

Unfortunately, many pain patients turn to painkilling drugs or experimental surgeries, usually emerging no better than they were before.

Pain Relief is Right at Your Finger Tips…
Joanne Callahan Will Show You How

TFT has proven extraordinarily effective at stopping physical pain in its tracks.

Most importantly, TFT does no harm. Even pain that results from injuries suffered years ago can be treated with Thought Field Therapy. And in the next several pages, you'll read, too, about pain which has no medical cause, but instead is caused by unresolved emotions and feelings trapped with the body's energy pathways.

Here's a sampling of what you will learn:

  • How TFT reduces stress -- which is a leading contributor to chronic pain.

  • How anxiety interferes with your immune system (making you vulnerable to chronic disease including physical pain) and why TFT provides the fastest relief possible of even extreme anxiety and panic.

  • How past traumas can often cause the body to hold on to pain and create blocks to healing. You will learn how TFT can quickly dissolve the effects of past trauma and facilitate healing to allow abundance, confidence and tranquility back into your life.

  • How common, everyday products work as toxins, blocking healing and promoting physical pain.

  • How "tapping" with TFT can work for anyone!

This practical application audio-class will lead you through ways to
help yourself with life’s daily pain challenges.

As part of this class you will receive a downloadable workbook which includes:

  • TFT Algorithm Chart
  • Guide to creating your own personal Tapping sequence
  • TFT Food and Mood Journal
  • The Pulse Test by Arthur Coca
  • Resource List
  • Examples

See for yourself how important the ability to eliminate daily stresses and psychological reversals can be to your quality of life. Read the comments below from a few of those who have tried TFT:

I work for the US military in Afghanistan and my job can be difficult I work in the mountains and at time injuries occur,but we just suck it up... and move on. I was on my day off and was looking at some web sites when I came across some story of a person who had used TFT and gave details etc... I thought about this and I decided to try it for myself in the cover of my room.

I then went to bed and fell into a deep sleep. In the morning I had to do a 5 mile run, so off I went a little time into my run I realized I had no pain in my knee. When I got back to my room I thought about it and decided and try it on my energy level - to my amazement I felt incredible, and since that very first time I used TFT on my knee I have never had any more pain. Also I have got into the habit of using it every day and I am amazed by the constant results I have decided to learn all I can and I hope to be a Trainer of this amazing system I would tell everyone to try it for themselves asap it is incredible.
- Raymond Williams

It’s time you take control over your life, gaining a better quality of life as you eliminate pain and the negative emotions associated with chronic pain. You can improve the quality of your life now.

One of my clients is an ex-college football player who suffered severe neck pain with limited mobility in rotating his head to the left or right. This was all due to the great amounts of tackling and blocking during his many years of competitive football. I used the standard TFT sequence for physical pain after testing him for psychological reversal. After just three treatment procedures, his neck pain was completely gone. Not only that, but he also had complete mobility in rotating his head. I was astonished by these results. I have monitored his neck condition over the last two months, and so far he has enjoyed the benefits of TFT to the fullest. I have not had to repeat the algorithms for this condition since the initial treatment. —Shad Meshad, MSW LCSW, CTS

Get Immediate Access To
The Tap Away Pain Audio-Class

A 90-minute audio-class (mp3)
and downloadable TFT workbook

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Jack Canfield

“I have seen miracles using Dr. Callahan's techniques. Isn't it time we stopped settling for anything less than miracles?”

– Jack Canfield, Editor, NY Times Best Selling Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"Using your technique I was able to help, in minutes, 10 nervous executives speak... (in public) ...with no trace of their former fear."

Dr. Christopher Hegarty, Renowned and Award-winning Speaker / Trainer.


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Get Immediate Access To
The Tap Away Pain Audio-Class

A 90-minute audio-class (mp3)
and downloadable TFT workbook

ONLY $29

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