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Treating a Cardiac Arrhythmia with TFT

By Dr. Colin M. Barron,M.B. Ch.B,FRSH,BSCMEH

Readers will recall how Dr Roger Callahan discovered that TFT could be used to improve Heart Rate Variability and help in the management of intractable arrhythmias. Recently I treated a 73 year old man who was suffering from fatigue and breathlessness caused by a ventricular arrthymia.

The patient ,who is a homeopathic physician was referred to me by another therapist who had done the algorithm training course.

An initial HRV carried out before treatment showed an SDNN of 291.8 with a Total Power of 21,942 and an LF/HF ratio of 1.5. This represented an over stimulation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Dx was then carried out and a simple holon (g50 - e - eb - a - c - 9g - sq) was diagnosed. No toxins were found using muscle testing.

After the tapping sequence had been administered another HRV was carried out and there was a noticeable improvement in the figures with SDNN dropping to 192.8 and Total Power dropping to 18,252.

The following week a Voice Technology session was carried out by Dr Roger Callahan and this revealed further perturbations including those relating to a repressed past trauma. VT also revealed that sugar and China (a homeopathic remedy)
were toxins.

After the patient had carried out these two additional tapping sequences the HRV was repeated and this had a dramatic effect on the patient's HRV with the SDNN dropping to 148.3 and the Total Power down to just 7323.

A few days after this session the patient reported a great improvement in symptoms as he was much less breathless. The case illustrates how untreated past traumas - even those which do not consciously bother the patient - can dramatically affect Heart Rate Variability.


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