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The most self-empowering level of healing. Optimal Health is for TFT Practitioners who want to advance their certification level…gain skills needed to work quickly with complicated cases and multiple problems… and confidently help these people over the phone and even remotely, while achieving Optimal Health and success for themselves.

The Latest Advancements in TFT Are Here…In This Course.
This level is where we introduce and test all new protocols.

Voice Technology (VT) Is the Next Step In Your Certification Path.
In the Past, Learning “VT” Cost $100,000 in Licensing Fees...
But Not Anymore!

What If You Could Learn to Use These Techniques…
In an Intimate Group Setting… Over Just Three Days…
Then Instantly See Results With Your Toughest Cases –
Over the phone, even before the end of the class.

You Can! Because, Now, Voice Technology Is a Featured Curriculum
of Our Upcoming Optimal Health 3-Day Training Program…

December 6-8, Miami

Joanne callahan

Joanne Callahan,
Co-founder and President of
Callahan Techniques, Ltd

Dear Practitioner,

The most self-empowering level of TFT is presented in our Optimal Health courses. Just see a few of the difficult challenges that our attendees have successfully surmounted:

  • Endometriosis and infertility
  • Improved health and vitality of fetus and mother in pregnancy
  • Profound spiritual shifts from severe PTSD
  • Diabetic wound healing
  • Pregnancy and delivery complications
  • Improving egg chromosomes and facilitating Invitro Fertilization process
  • Lupus control
  • MS into remission and return of limb function
  • Nesidioblastosis post Bariatric Surgery
  • Eliminating the severe side-effects of necessary medications
  • Facilitating healing in many chronic conditions
  • Rapid healing from a stroke
  • Acquiring the long sought Administrator position
  • Meeting their soul mate
  • Career successes

Because of these and other life-changing results that our graduates have consistently experienced, we want to make this most powerful level of TFT available to more people.

We have simplified the structure, prerequisites and financial commitment and have a created a faster path to the ultimate level of TFT.  I regularly get requests from around the world from individuals who want to do everything at once, in just one trip.  In our new Fast Track program, this can be done.

Attending Optimal Health and learning Voice Technology (VT), becoming certified at TFT’s top level is now a simple, 3-step process, requiring travel to only one live event.  And, it includes personalized support consultations with me, Joanne Callahan, co-developer of TFT.

Step 1:  Complete our online Boot Camp (a live event video program)

Step 2:  Participate in 2 private consultations with Joanne Callahan (at least one must be prior to attending the live event)

Step 3:  Attend a live Optimal Health course.

Over three days...in an intimate group setting, with other practitioners...you'll learn:

  • TFT Voice Technology and why it lets you accurately identify a TFT sequence for any ailment.

  • Learn all the objective techniques that the TFT VT Practitioners have learned—enabling them to help people over the telephone and non-locally.

  • Self-help methods tested and perfected by Dr. Roger Callahan to support the successful treatment of chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

  • How to identify toxins and other sensitivities in your own body—then immediately neutralize their effects, including the elimination of the side-effects of necessary medication.

  • Resonance testing - a feedback loop to relative reality.

  • Have a working template to use TFT to facilitate spiritual growth, access subtle dimensions and raise consciousness.

  • How to easily stay in the NOW - increasing presence.

  • Chakra system healing applications - including the Ancient Egyptian understanding.

  • Learn about new technologies to measure the "Essential Self" and monitor our health and well-being.

  • Use of Dan Tiens within TFT

  • Remote and non-local testing and treating

  • Experience the all new 7 D technology that provides passive support for our healing.

Just imagine how your life, your health and well-being—and your TFT practice—can change once you complete this course. You'll instantly be able to sort out most of life's challenges, often in minutes—whether in person or over the telephone.

You will see the benefits in those you help, hear compliments from professional colleagues and know what it feels like to be among the world's most effective healers.

Your Professional Capabilities Will Be Expanded
Once You Complete the Course.

After completing this course you will receive the designation TFT-Adv. Not only will you receive permission to mention in your marketing materials that you are trained in Voice Technology techniques, you will be entitled to use the designation TFT-Adv and you’ll also have the option to further upgrade your TFT-Adv certification to TFT-VT through one-on-one training with Joanne Callahan at a later date.


"Optimal Health in Paris 2014 was my third time attending this TFT Level of Training.  It has been a unique experience each time.

This third time, Joanne Callahan introduced us to the latest concepts, understandings and evolutions of the technique. These last updates were particularly interesting to me as they literally open the doors to new dimensions of applications of TFT and provide new approaches that actually enhance the speed and quality of the results.

Some had already successfully applied this technology in physical, psychological and even spiritual balance and well being. We now have the Framework for any and all TFT-Adv practitioners to get, promote and preserve this Optimal State of Health we are all aiming for.

All these new elements are the fruit of rigorous research and testing. The genuine spirit of integrity in the way the research is conducted is in all points congruent with the way Roger Callahan first developed TFT.

This is why TFT is a Living, ever Evolving technique. It is Evolving as the situations and needs of the people evolve.

Yes, we are in great need of practical, efficient ways to help get rid of the effects of fear, stress and trauma around the world. But, this last OH training crystallized my conviction that TFT is way, way more than "just" that... It appears more and more obvious that TFT might very well be the simplest, more practical and easy to use, technique allowing almost anyone to better their general quality of life." - Ngub


Work Fewer Hours to Get Better Results…
Expand Your Market and Clientele By Offering Telephone TFT Sessions…
Increase Your Income and Grow Your Practice
While you Provide Unparallelled Support for Clients, Family and Trainees

As a current TFT Practitioner, you will be able to provide effective help by telephone, skype, digital media—worldwide—before you ever leave the course! Imagine expanding your practice, earning more fees—and even practicing by telephone anywhere in the world (ideal for those contemplating a mini-retirement or needing to relocate for a spouse’s job).

What have your fellow TFT Practitioners said about the Optimal Health course featuring the Voice Technology curriculum? Take a look at these candid written and video comments below:

David Behan of Bolton, UK says:

"I found Dr Roger Callahan's "Optimal Health" Course intriguing. After finishing the course I immediately put into practice what I had learned. I started to diagnose and remove toxins instantly with astonishing results, which I never thought possible. I could also test my own therapy on my clients to see if it had worked. I can say that my clients are totally happy with the therapy I use with them. I am busy and I do get a lot of referrals because of my profound therapy.


Here's what other TFT Practitioners have to say about the "Optimal Health" Course:

Michelle Anderson-Smith of Bishops Stortford, UK says:

"Having attended the first "Optimal Health" Course in September 2008 I would like to say that it has been lifechanging.

Nothing fazes me now, the frustration of not being able to treat/fix not just emotional things, but also physical problems in an instant, has gone. Toxins are dealt with straight away and I have eliminated three migraines within 30 minutes for my husband who is over the moon with my new skill and this has meant he has not lost any days off work due to ill health so we are financially better off too.

At the first sign of a cold my husband asked me for a treatment, and we were able to remove the headache, sore throat and general tiredness he felt. We also eliminated the congestion and the following day he was able to continue his day-to-day routine with no symptoms.

I have treated a family member for depression which meant they were able to go back to work two days later after being on sickness benefit for six months. It only took seven minutes! I also had endometriosis when I attended the course and I actually fell pregnant on the second night of the course after being treated for reversals in the womb by Dr Roger Callahan that morning after trying for a child for a couple of years!

Be prepared to be surprised and shocked and thrilled all at once when you witness VT. It is the best money I have ever spent and what I have received back from learning this amazing skill is priceless, it has paid for itself already in saved sick days and not having to pay for fertility treatment. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to make things happen, who wants to help people and help themselves. You will leave the course feeling like a nervous super- hero with a new power!"

GP Dr Dipa Modi from London, UK says:

"This was a very enjoyable and informative course. Best of all you are taught methods of objective self-testing and self-treatment. Furthermore it enables treatment using TFT over the 'phone, which is invaluable. With practice I have found it easier and faster than diagnostics, and the results have been brilliant with many emotional and physical problems".


Gill Harvey-Bush of Weybridge, UK says :

"The Optimal Health course is not only a great way to refresh your skills but well designed to take your skills to the next level, which is amazing! It was great fun with plenty of opportunity to practice every step of the way, Having someone as experienced as Colin to help was invaluable. I was astounded at the results I was able to get in a very short time. Learning VT has changed the way I approach things and professionally I ca now test/treat myself and work with people all over the world by telephone. I would recommend this course, even if all you want to do is keep your family and friends healthy and happy!"

Lois Sugarman of Wake Forest,NC says :

"I took the first Optimal Health Course to be run in the USA in November 2008. This course put me on a high! It was an amazing experience! I am busy practicing on myself and my husband and I have lined up a group of friends who have agreed to let me practice with them. Since that time working with friends and family I have had amazing results. It feels as if doors keep opening. Thanks to Roger and Joanne too, who are helping us make real differences in the lives of many people, including ourselves. The possibilities are limitless. Make certain you take the advantage of the opportunity to learn how to further health and wellness for yourself and others".

First of all, I would like to tell all of you a HUGE THANK YOU ! In particular to Joanne who let me come to this training, for being who she is, and once more I see that being is essential! I found in Joanne lots of love, simplicity and power!

More specifically about TFT, I felt more mastery of the skill and a real commitment to feeling good no matter what. This week end I really felt that doing TFT once is good, doing it twice is good…but doing it all the time makes a huge difference, changes the chore and gives better results.

I thank you Alexandra, sincerely, for all the support you gave all of us during this training. With your behavior you should me the path to follow. Thank you for helping me when I was challenged, your help meant a lot.

I thank Phil for her wonderful smile, and for the way she easily can change dull things into sunlight! And of course, I would like to thank Ngub, for his wonderful translation, that allowed me to hear everything twice and helped me clarify things when I wasn’t sure I understood correctly. Thank you for sharing TFT. Thank you for helping me when I most needed it.

Moreover, right now I have changed one of my beliefs, and it’s in my highest good! This was a powerful training! Filled with love, well being and respect! I had to leave quickly at the end but what was said made a huge impact on me: It is not normal to feel bad and with this technique we can offer well being to whoever wants it. I hope all the kids will master TFT!

I am on my path. THANK YOU

Lots of Love,

What Qualifications Are Required
to Take This Course?

This course is designed specifically for TFT Practitioners who have completed Step 1 - having learned TFT’s diagnostic procedures—by completing our TFT Diagnostic Level 2 Day Course. TFT Algorithm Practitioners are also permitted to take this Optimal Health course featuring Voice Technology—provided they to have completed the TFT Diagnostic online course online prior to the course. (Purchase the bundle here if needed.)  For those completing an online course, they must complete at least one part of Step 2:  the consultation with Joanne Callahan.

What Can You Expect to Pay for a Course That
Will Upgrade Your Credentials and Literally
Transform Your Ability to Build Your Practice and most importantly, transform your life, empowering you to achieve Optimal Health and Well-Being for yourself and others.

Over three intensive days, you’ll learn everything you need to know to assess clients using Voice Technology—and to create a customized TFT tapping sequence, remove blocks to healing and set a course for improved well-being for them. You’ll discover how to support your own long-term health using toxin recognition and neutralization techniques. You’ll learn TFT sequences that clear the body’s energy pathways. And you’ll discover new tools for dealing with chronic, debilitating conditions such as cancer, diabetes, autoimmune challenges and heart disease. Learn how Joanne Callahan went from Stage IV Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma to cancer-free, without chemo and radiation, while maintaining a good quality of life.

You will learn how to apply TFT’s effective diagnostic process to our chakra systems, the Dan Tien’s systems, address past generational traumas and expand our level of consciousness.

EFT Training To TFT Tapping - make The switchThe three-day curriculum also includes:

√ “Optimal Health” Manual

√ "Objective Self-Testing" DVD

√ Voucher entitling you to download Dr. Callahan's book on "The Use of the Voltmeter in TFT"

√ Special Practitioner designation and certification—TFT-Adv

√ The opportunity to study and learn with Joanne Callahan,
Co-founder and President of Callahan Techniques, Ltd and/or
one of Dr. Callahan's personally trained VT Practitioners

√ A Case Study CD of over 30 case histories spanning 15 years of published case studies in the Thought Field.

√ Continental breakfast each day plus teas, coffees and snacks.

√ Complimentary listing in our directory of TFT Practitioners with world-wide marketing and recognition

Not only will you receive all this, but you’ll instantly upgrade your TFT Professional Certification to TFT-Adv and gain the ability to expand your diagnostic and client options within your practice—from using Voice Technology to better assess clients…to even working with clients over the phone!

You get all this, yet you won’t pay anywhere near the US$100,000 that our Voice Technology licensees have been charged. In fact, your Optimal Health course fees (including certification) is only 1/20th of that amount…just $5,000 USD.

It’s a 95% savings from what others have paid to learn this same material—but you must act quickly. The Optimal Health course featuring Voice Technology will be held in select cities worldwide. Choose your city below.

Payment Plans Are Available on a Limited-Time Basis.

MasterCard and Visa are accepted—plus—you can elect to pay for your Optimal Health course and VT training in 3 easy installments.

To register and select the payment plan that's right for you, complete the form below. For further details, email info@tftrx.com or call (434) 361-0000.

Be a part of a rapidly growing international group - healing the world with TFT, the original source of all Meridian Tapping therapies.

Respectfully Yours,

Joanne Callahan TFT EFT
Joanne M Callahan,
MBA President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.

P.S. I would love to see past grads at this training - as there are new and expanded applications.
Email info@tftrx.com for returnee rates.

P.S.S. Please note that Costa Rican Optimal Health includes the lodging for the first five new participants.  This event is being held in a beautiful mansion overlooking the ocean and will include the sleeping rooms for the first five new attendees.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and experience the beauty of Costa Rica in one self-empowering event.

If you would like to set up a payment plan, call (434) 361-0000 or email info@tftrx.com

Reserve Your Spot!
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December 6-8, Miami

This course will expand TFT to even greater horizons, following its evolution from the emotional and mental dimensions, through inclusion of the physical, and now to its greatest expansion—that of the evolution of spiritual growth.
The investment for Optimal Health is $5,000.00 USD – a deposit of 20% will be taken with the balance due 30 days prior to the course.
You will receive a confirmation letter upon our receipt of your registration form and deposit.


If paying by check, please note the check must be drawn on a US Bank.


If paying by check, please note that checks are accepted from US banks only.

Send Check To:

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TFT -EFT Boot Camp

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NOTE: We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any training event if necessary.

*Cancellation Policy: If for some unforeseen reason you find it necessary to cancel, you may cancel anytime prior to 30 days and receive a refund. If you cancel in less than 30 days, you may transfer your registration to any other regularly scheduled event.