Lynn McTaggert, author of The Field, The Intention Experiment, and What Doctors Don’t Tell You, and one of the participants in the Living Matrix Movie, talks about Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and how it rapidly heals trauma. She gives an example the TFT healing of trauma in the warn torn country of Kosovo.

TFT For Trauma Relief:

Bruce Ramsay relates the story of treating a woman who saw her sister die in a car crash. She took a Thought Field Therapy course from Mr. Ramsay during which he treated her and she found the first relief she has felt in the years since the accident. Bruce tells the story:

TFT Treatment for Trauma From Fire

Paul Harris was severely burned in a truck fire, and was left with a lasting trauma from the event.

In this video, Paul tells his story of how Dr. Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy has helped him overcome the trauma.

TFT For Trauma From Suicide:

Conrad Bain tells the story about a friend who’s husband committed suicide, now being treated by Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Thought Field Therapy for Atrial De-fibrillation:

Conrad Bain discusses how he used Dr. Roger Callahan’s TFT algorithm to control his Atrial De-fibrillation.

Thought Field Thereapy to Treat Traumatic Stress:

Dr Robert Bray, PhD, LCSW, TFT-Dx, RCT discusses recovering from traumatic stress with Thought Field Therapy.

TFT and Aids:

Dr David Hansen tells how TFT helped him in battle against AIDS and the side effects of the drugs.

TFT to Overcome Posttraumatic Stress Disorder:

Mr. Bruce thanks Roger Callahan and TFT for helping him overcome PTSD.

Thought Field Therapy Treatment for Chinese Earthquake Trauma:

Herb Ayers, MA, LMHC, TFT-Dx, and his wife Phyliss, demonstrate TFT trauma treatment with a Chinese translator.

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