Two Screenings at the Vail Film Festival – From Trauma to Peace

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Mark your calendars and plan to join our TFT Foundation board members at the Vail Film Festival. From Trauma to Peace screens Friday, March 27’th at 6:15pm and Sunday March 29’th at 4:45pm.  The complete film schedule goes online this week.

Tapping DVDThis festival is attended by over 14,000 people. We are so excited to announce that we will be well represented. TFT Foundation board members, Mary Cowley and her husband Jim, and Suzanne Connolly and her husband Bruce, and Jenny Edwards will all be there to talk about the film and answer any questions about TFT.

Prosper Ishimwe, our translator and the narrator throughout the film, will also be attending. He will be able to share first hand with attendees, the survival of a genocide and the key role TFT has played in healing his country.

The film will also be screened on the 28th of February at the Angor Wat Film Festival in Cambodia and Suzanne and Bruce Connolly, along with our Documentarian Robert Stone will be representing it there.

To get your copy of the film CLICK here and help us continue this work around the world – healing trauma one heart at a time.

Here is the trailer:

We are currently submitting it to various film festivals including some of the more prestigious ones and others that are particularly relevant to our theme of peace, healing, trauma, human rights, etc.

TFT Foundation board member, Suzanne Connolly, and our documentarian, Robert Stone will be introducing and representing the film in Cambodia.

TFT Foundation board member Mary Cowley will be introducing it and representing it in Vail. It is possible that some of our other boards members will also help represent it in Vail. We invite all who can attend to do so.

Our translator and narrator, Prosper Ishimwe, has completed the back translation into Kinyarwandan and that version should be available within a couple of weeks. It was the greatest privilege to watch and hear story after story told of the horrors suffered by Rwandans and the transformative healing that has taken place in their lives since learning TFT. It is an honor to be able to give them back this documentary in their language to share with others.

The Rwandans have forgiven.   And, through the healing power of TFT, they have not only forgiven, they have transformed themselves from survivors to happy, productive and loving people.

The TFT Foundation will produce a shorter version, 56 minutes, for PBS. I am in talks with a PBS station now who has expressed interest in being our sponsoring station for PBS distribution. We will continue to explore all distribution channels; film festivals, PBS and DVD sales.

If you have ever wanted to contribute to “peace” on our planet, here is a powerful and proven way to do so. Join us in getting this film out to all who are or may have experienced trauma in their lives. If you wish to send your intention of peace out to the world, a donation will help insure we can continue this kind of trauma relief around the world.

Together we can create peace through a proven model for large scale trauma relief and it is available to all. To DONATE or purchase your copy of the DVD, go to the foundation site, or you may email, if you have other ways of assisting distribution.

Dr. Callahan’s legacy lives on in the healing of traumatized people the world over.

Thank you to all of you who have contributed to make this possible, helping with the research, the humanitarian relief and the filming. I will place announcements updating our status at the various film festivals and our PBS distribution. If you can attend one of the festivals, we would love to see you there.

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