NEW: Thought Field Techniques Live Training:


At the request of many of our customers and fellow professionals, we have taken the very best TFT has to offer and created an all new course, TFT Boot Camp.

This exciting new learning experience includes the best parts from each of our popular and long time courses:

  1. Algorithm Level Training
  2. Step A – Basic Diagnostic Self-Study Program
  3. Sensitivities, Intolerances and Toxins ~ Self Study Program
  4. Voltmeter & Psychological Reversal downloadable book
  5. Diagnostic Level Course

Many part time practitioners and healthcare workers from other fields have said:

~I have heard so much about the power of TFT and want to be able to add it to my practice, but I don’t have the time or need to learn all the levels of training and comprehensive theory. Can’t you just give me the most effective tools to add to my practice.~

Our ALL NEW TFT BOOTCAMP is an intensive, 2-day, weekend course that takes the best of each level of TFT and puts it all together in one comprehensive program.

Attendance is Limited! Experience a TFT Boot Camp.

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For information on how you can arrange a training in your area contact Joanne Callahan, MBA, Director of TFT Training, e-mail at, or call at 760-564-1008.  There are several options available, minimum group or hosted events for all levels of training.

Be the first to bring Thought Field Therapy® to your area.

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