TFT to be Presented at Military and Veterans Health Conference

TFT tapping and the Military

There will be a Military Veterans Conference on novel approaches to treating PTSD at the University of Lancashire in the UK in October.  We are pleased to announce that Suzanne Connolly, Howard Robson and Phyll Robson submitted a proposal re: TFT Treatment of PTSD, which has been accepted for presentation. The Robsons also submitted a poster session on the PTSD study they completed in Uganda and it was also accepted.

Suzanne shared the following details with us, for others who wish to attend.

Congratulations! After a thorough external peer review process, your abstract has been accepted as a podium presentation for the JOINING FORCES ACROSS THE ATLANTIC TO RESTORE LIVES: Research, Education and Practice for Military and Veterans Health Conference.

The abstract is titled: “Thought Field Therapy Efficacy in Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress”.

The conference will be held on October 2, 2015 in Cumbria, UK in conjunction with the University of South Florida and the University of Central Lancashire.

Information regarding the conference, including registration materials, is available at or

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