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From Endometriosis to “Magic Tapping” with Our Beautiful Little Girl

I remember the day Michelle Smith walked into our TFT Optimal Health program. She wanted to start a family, but couldn’t. She’d been diagnosed with severe and “incurable” endometriosis which prevented her from becoming pregnant.

Reviews From First Time TFT Users

When people download our free TFT Tapping Therapy Stress-Busters Guide, we follow up with a quick TFT survey, to see just how well it works. Each day we get to hear just how well TFT helps people who are faced with overwhelming anxiety, stress, fears, addiction, past traumas…

Dr. Roger Callahan Answers Top Questions On Thought Field Therapy

Dr. Callahan was asked to share his perspective on specific areas of Tapping Therapy: psychological reversal, The Nine Gamut, collar bone breathing exercise, and identifying toxins. Here are his answers… Share

Our New 2-Day Workshop – Tapping Your Way To Better Health.

TFT Is the Tapping Therapy To Eliminate Stress, Fear, Anxieties, and Identifies and Eliminates Blocks to Achieving Your Goals.
Today’s chaotic and fear ridden world keeps many of us in a constant state of anxiety; anxiety about our jobs, anxiety about our finances, anxiety about our relationships, and even anxiety about our health. TFT tapping therapy allows you to quickly, and without suffering, move past these negative emotions and restrictive behaviors.

Thought Field Therapy Boot Camp

At the request of many of our customers and fellow professionals, we have taken the very best TFT has to offer and created an all new course, TFT Boot Camp. This exciting new learning experience includes the best parts from each of our popular and long time courses: Algorithm Level Training Step A – Basic […]