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Now that the price of smoking has risen again, take this opportunity to get out from under this addiction…

Thought Field Therapy e-learning program focusing on smoking, includes video, and PDF book.

TFT Can Help – From Smoking to Cancer
By Kenneth Kuchar-Haas, Longview Wellness Center, Longview, WA

Last week I had a client age 56 who had been smoking two packs a day for the past 42 years. He was near panic since everything he tried to stop smoking never worked. He tried hypnosis, patches etc., without success.

I showed him the video on smoking using Thought Field Therapy. Once he felt somewhat comfortable in trying what he called TAPPING we started. Using the standard addiction treatment within 3 minutes the treatment was completed and he could not get the craving back. He let out a big sigh and tears came to his eyes when he stated he could not get the craving to return.

At that point in time he looked at me and said, ” I have not felt this good since I was a young man!”

The Apex problem surfaced when he also stated that he couldn’t believe that this simple technique could work. Well, regardless of the Apex Problem…IT WORKED. He is doing great and not smoking. Not bad for a 3 minute treatment!

Another case that has been wonderful to witness is the school teacher in her mid-fifties who has advanced cancer. She was so terrified of the very name. I treated her for the deep fear she had of cancer and also worked with her to help her through the chemotherapy. She and her family are delighted now that the acute anxiety is gone and she is doing so much better with her treatments.

We are beginning to work on her visualizing the cancer cells fading. She had great difficult at first visualizing the cells.

Using TFT we were able to have her see the cancer cells dying. I must add that without TFT her condition and desire to follow through with her chemo treatment would have been difficult for her.

Thanks Dr. Roger Callahan for developing TFT!

If You Smoke, Try the Thought Field Therapy e-learning program NOW.

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  1. maria cruz rua patiño says:

    I have ordered the online stop smoking e-learning program and only have downloaded the pdf, by doing that I have got out of the page and I do not see how to have access to the video and audio.

    Could you please provide me with the link to enter my registration details and have access to the rest of materials.

    Thanks very much

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