Let’s celebrate a 30 year anniversary

Bob BrayBy Robert L Bray, PhD, TFT-VT

Thirty years after Dr. Roger Callahan published his first book using what was at that time called Callahan Techniques®, now known as Thought Field Therapy (TFT), the proof of its effectiveness in changing lives is abundant.

The research, case studies and instructions supporting the effective use of TFT and other energy psychology techniques is easily available. Tens of thousands of professionals and peers around the world have received training in its use. Dr. Callahan’s books have been translated into 12 different languages.

TFT is not language, age, or culture specific and can be used universally. In service oriented communities of all kinds, exposure to TFT and tapping or energy psychology in general is becoming more and more common.

Well over a hundred articles and books using the amazing discoveries of Dr. Callahan are currently available. The research reports in peer reviewed journals of the fast and lasting change from using TFT have set a new standard for effective treatment of traumatic stress and anxiety disorders. Energy psychology is now accepted for continuing education units by the American Psychological Association.

Think of all the suffering that is no longer, thanks to Dr. Callahan’s brilliant work and tenacious efforts to bring this new knowledge into our world.

As part of my celebration, I am committing to doubling this year the number of individuals who learn about Callahan Techniques® Thought Field Therapy from me.  This includes the individuals I treat in my practice and those who are participants in TFT workshops I lead. This year we have even more ways for people to learn how to tap.

I am very excited about a new one day algorithm workshop being added this year (see below).  Please join me in reaching more people and bringing more health, love, and joy into our world. Just think for a moment about the individuals and groups you can tell about TFT and what a wonderful gift to them this will be. The best way to celebrate is to introduce TFT to others. Thank you Roger Callahan and members of the many communities coming from those great ideas more than 30 years ago.

After many years and hundreds of workshops, we are pleased to announce the development of a new highly focused Callahan Techniques® approved One Day Algorithm Workshop.

In just one 8 hour day, you will know how to make quick and lasting change in your life. All participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the training. Upon successful completion of a brief test and the submission of case studies, you can become certified as a Callahan Techniques®Thought Field Therapy Algorithm practitioner!

By concentrating on the applications of TFT Algorithms (standard tapping patterns) you will experience, in real time, the power of TFT and learn the knowledge and skills necessary to keep tapping at home and work after you leave this power-packed day.  The history, theory, and research related to the TFT will only be briefly addressed in the workshop with references to more extensive materials and other trainings provided.

The focus of the day is the learning and practicing of the TFT elements that are central to achieving rapid and lasting change using Algorithms.

For more information about the new One Day Algorithm Workshop in San Diego on Feb. 7 and again in San Diego on April 4 go to: http://www.rlbray.com/new-certified-one-day-basic-algorithm-workshop/

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