TFT to be Presented at Military and Veterans Health Conference

TFT tapping and the Military

There will be a Military Veterans Conference on novel approaches to treating PTSD at the University of Lancashire in the UK in October.  We are pleased to announce that Suzanne Connolly, Howard Robson and Phyll Robson submitted a proposal re: TFT Treatment of PTSD, which has been accepted for presentation. The Robsons also submitted a poster session on the PTSD study they completed in Uganda and it was also accepted.

Suzanne shared the following details with us, for others who wish to attend.

Congratulations! After a thorough external peer review process, your abstract has been accepted as a podium presentation for the JOINING FORCES ACROSS THE ATLANTIC TO RESTORE LIVES: Research, Education and Practice for Military and Veterans Health Conference.

The abstract is titled: “Thought Field Therapy Efficacy in Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress”.

The conference will be held on October 2, 2015 in Cumbria, UK in conjunction with the University of South Florida and the University of Central Lancashire.

Information regarding the conference, including registration materials, is available at or

Rwandan Genocide Commemoration Healing

Urgent Plea for Matching Funds:

TFT in Rwanda

Celestin Mitabu, TFT Kigali Trainer and Director of Rwandan Orphans Project is leading national Radio programs, where even a Rwandan Ambassador called in for help. He is working tirelessly to share TFT Trauma Relief with his country. He has trained University students, the Red Cross teams and many others to assist with the monumental task of healing during the commemoration 100 days.

He urgently needs the funds to continue this work for the last half of the mourning period. Just look at the pictures to see all he doing to share healing with TFT.

We have a pledge of three, up to $500, donations for matching funds. Please help us raise the matching $1500 to send to him. He has the first ever national radio shows to teach TFT, is the first one to train Red Cross volunteers and is training teams of university students to help their fellow Rwandans. The people benefitting include the handicapped, the orphans, the prisoners, and families everywhere.

Click here to DONATE. If 100 us each gave $15 we would have the full $3000 needed to continue this healing through the last 50 days of the mourning period. Anyone contributing over $25 will receive a copy of the DVD, From Trauma to Peace. There is no better way to share the healing power of TFT.

TFT Goes to Medical School, Universities, Psychiatric Associations and the Corporate World in Japan

AyameAyame Morikawa, PhD, TFT VT and president of the Japanese Association for Thought Field Therapy has made huge inroads into mainstream health care systems in Japan. She shares some of these accomplishments with us.

In Japan, TFT Algorithm and Diagnostic Level Trainings have been officially approved as continuing education credits for clinical psychologists.

We have opportunities to give presentations at the Family Therapy Society’s Conference as well as presentations at the Psychiatric Association’s and the Health Promotion Medical Society’s this year.

TFT was chosen as one of the most effective trauma treatments in the world, and I am going to give presentations at medical schools and dedicate an article on TFT for an academic trauma treatment publication.

I have been teaching TFT at a medical school, and we will put TFT into psychology classes at universities this year, so students can learn TFT at colleges and can be certified as TFT Partners, our new program for human services.

We would like to develop the same programs to other Asian countries.

I have been recently introduced as a human resource advisor to give training to young employees at a large architectural company.

I use TFT to make a dramatic decrease of depression cases and a high turnover. TFT enhanced the performance of employees and career development.

(Sorry, it is Japanese only.)

The Japanese Association for TFT is currently in the process of officially establishing a non-profit General Incorporated Associations that is like an NPO.

I would deeply appreciate your support, and I am proud of those who make continuous contributions for Rwandans and those who need help.

We gratefully acknowledge all of Ayame’s years of hard work and persistence in sharing TFT in the professional health care field.

Two Screenings at the Vail Film Festival – From Trauma to Peace

Tapping Documentary


Mark your calendars and plan to join our TFT Foundation board members at the Vail Film Festival. From Trauma to Peace screens Friday, March 27’th at 6:15pm and Sunday March 29’th at 4:45pm.  The complete film schedule goes online this week.

Tapping DVDThis festival is attended by over 14,000 people. We are so excited to announce that we will be well represented. TFT Foundation board members, Mary Cowley and her husband Jim, and Suzanne Connolly and her husband Bruce, and Jenny Edwards will all be there to talk about the film and answer any questions about TFT.

Prosper Ishimwe, our translator and the narrator throughout the film, will also be attending. He will be able to share first hand with attendees, the survival of a genocide and the key role TFT has played in healing his country.

The film will also be screened on the 28th of February at the Angor Wat Film Festival in Cambodia and Suzanne and Bruce Connolly, along with our Documentarian Robert Stone will be representing it there.

To get your copy of the film CLICK here and help us continue this work around the world – healing trauma one heart at a time.

Here is the trailer:

We are currently submitting it to various film festivals including some of the more prestigious ones and others that are particularly relevant to our theme of peace, healing, trauma, human rights, etc.

TFT Foundation board member, Suzanne Connolly, and our documentarian, Robert Stone will be introducing and representing the film in Cambodia.

TFT Foundation board member Mary Cowley will be introducing it and representing it in Vail. It is possible that some of our other boards members will also help represent it in Vail. We invite all who can attend to do so.

Our translator and narrator, Prosper Ishimwe, has completed the back translation into Kinyarwandan and that version should be available within a couple of weeks. It was the greatest privilege to watch and hear story after story told of the horrors suffered by Rwandans and the transformative healing that has taken place in their lives since learning TFT. It is an honor to be able to give them back this documentary in their language to share with others.

The Rwandans have forgiven.   And, through the healing power of TFT, they have not only forgiven, they have transformed themselves from survivors to happy, productive and loving people.

The TFT Foundation will produce a shorter version, 56 minutes, for PBS. I am in talks with a PBS station now who has expressed interest in being our sponsoring station for PBS distribution. We will continue to explore all distribution channels; film festivals, PBS and DVD sales.

If you have ever wanted to contribute to “peace” on our planet, here is a powerful and proven way to do so. Join us in getting this film out to all who are or may have experienced trauma in their lives. If you wish to send your intention of peace out to the world, a donation will help insure we can continue this kind of trauma relief around the world.

Together we can create peace through a proven model for large scale trauma relief and it is available to all. To DONATE or purchase your copy of the DVD, go to the foundation site, or you may email, if you have other ways of assisting distribution.

Dr. Callahan’s legacy lives on in the healing of traumatized people the world over.

Thank you to all of you who have contributed to make this possible, helping with the research, the humanitarian relief and the filming. I will place announcements updating our status at the various film festivals and our PBS distribution. If you can attend one of the festivals, we would love to see you there.

Getting Rid of Fears and Phobias with TFT

JoanneBy John Plester, TFT-ADV, RCT, UK Boot Camp Trainer

For those of us that have never suffered a phobia, it can be hard to appreciate the devastating fear it can create. With a phobia, a person would really feel an extreme amount of anxiety and dread about a certain object, living being, place or scenario.

In their minds, those with a phobia are likely to perceive the object of their phobia as posing inappropriate degrees of danger and respond accordingly. Frequently, the phobic trigger is almost always something quite harmless and ordinary. This is why the response can be so difficult to understand for people without the phobia.

Let’s celebrate a 30 year anniversary

Bob BrayBy Robert L Bray, PhD, TFT-VT

Thirty years after Dr. Roger Callahan published his first book using what was at that time called Callahan Techniques®, now known as Thought Field Therapy (TFT), the proof of its effectiveness in changing lives is abundant.

The research, case studies and instructions supporting the effective use of TFT and other energy psychology techniques is easily available. Tens of thousands of professionals and peers around the world have received training in its use. Dr. Callahan’s books have been translated into 12 different languages.

TFT is not language, age, or culture specific and can be used universally. In service oriented communities of all kinds, exposure to TFT and tapping or energy psychology in general is becoming more and more common.

Trauma Relief to Help France Shooting Victims

The TFT Foundation offers it’s sincere condolences to those who have suffered losses in the recent terror shootings.  We also offer free self-help trauma relief procedures to all from our trauma relief blog site: where we share in the same procedures we have used in Rwanda, Kosovo, Haiti, New Orleans and around the world.  The procedures are available in 14 languages, including French.

The results of these procedures can be seen in our documentary From Trauma to Peace.  View the trailer here: .

S’il vous plaît, vous pourriez envoyer cet email a vos amis/amies qui ont eu le traumatisme a cause d’ayer. C’est le “tapping” pour éliminer le traumatisme.–un video en français en bas — les points pour frapper pour éliminer le traumatisme

Joanne Callahan, MBA
President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.

Creating Peace One Heart at a Time – Please visit the site –  – watch the video, share it with everyone you know and help us begin to create PEACE amidst a chaotic and traumatized world.

Tapping Away Trauma in Five African Nations

TFT Foundation Supports Expanded Healing and Training in Africa

In November the TFT Foundation supported their trainers and practitioners in Rwanda as they reached out to surrounding African nations and peoples needing trauma relief.

From the IZERE Center in Byumba, there were 20 TFT trained therapists who participated in the Youth Forum to support African Youth from five nearby countries. Many were treated and others trained to be able to share TFT with those in need.

On the 12’th of December, there will be a community treatment day where several hundred Rwandans will be provided treatment. We often can only treat 200 but the line has included up to 535 people in the past. Next year we hope to expand our capacity for the community treatment days.

From the newly formed NGO and TFT Foundation Kigali, Celestin Mitabu trained and treated many new people in Burundi.

We thank you all who have contributed to support these missions and the many others throughout 2014.

If you wish to learn the procedures they are learning in Africa, go to our trauma relief site as we have the protocol in 14 languages in video and print. The web site for this has changed to a new and easier URL, . Please share it with friends and family during this holiday season. Help us to serve as many as possible with this gift of healing.

The latest in TFT tapping

Most people come to TFT and try tapping because they want to be happier or improve their quality of life. They know that if they could reduce their stress, fears, anxiety, pain and many other negative emotions or conditions they could be happier, they could find their ideal mate, get a better job, or attract greater success into their lives.

We strive to help people and expand on the use of TFT, and have created classes that will guide you to the solution to a specific solution. Best of all, you can start the class immediately on purchase – and all are priced to be affordable.

Below you’ll find our most popular classes, as well as our latest newsletters.