Memories of Roger

Roger’s last interview as looks back at how his TFT Tapping Therapy has helped the world:

Roger was the most brilliant man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I greatly appreciated his attention to detail, his doggedly rigorous approach to his studies and investigations. He was a hard-headed man of facts with a mind free of the dogma that tends to accrue like barnacles in scientific endeavors, and yet blessed with a quick wit and charm rare in deeply thoughtful people .

He offered guidance to me that were lessons in self-reliance, dedication to purpose and fearless pursuit of one’s goals. Every encounter left me wiser and more curious about the world around me. I am a better man for knowing him, and I am honored he shared his thoughts and time with me.

Sincerely, Mark Phillips


Anyone in our field has had our professional and personal life Roger. With all the mental health professionals that I have met for the past 41 years, Roger’s teachings have easily had the greatest influence in my development as a psychologist. He was a man of great intellect and courage in a profession that has become way too rigid and ineffective. He tolerated being made fun of and being ostracized by are field.

His death not only saddens me, but I always, as did many, hoped that he would live long enough to see that his discoveries change the field of psychotherapy. He did everything that he could. Many do not realize how generous he was with his time. Once he trained someone  you could get his phone # and call him and he would get on the phone or call back promptly. He really was a great man. Even those who never trained with him, but are in the field of Energy Psychology have had their professional life’s changed, as we were blessed with his great insights.

Robert Pasahow, Ph.D.


So many memories come to my mind of the many wonderful times that I have spent with Roger. I feel my heart full of gratitude for such a special gift in my life. If I need to choose the peak moment of learning from him, the most profound was being some days in his home learning VT. That experience gave me the opportunity to breathe the original spirit of TFT which he had integrated into all aspects of his daily life.   I was with him the last time, a year ago in Sao Palo, Brazil, when I was co-teaching Optimal Health with Joanne. His special radiance is always inspiring me.  

Ma. Isabel Aguilar Uruguay


Roger-Mark-tappingI am deeply saddened by Roger’s passing.  He was my friend and mentor and a father figure to me.  I was fortunate to know Roger and share with him over the greater part of two decades.  He changed my life so much and with such inspiration.  Roger was a dedicated scientist and professional.  He never abandoned his search for truth, and he was willing to weather criticism and ostracism for the sake of discovering truth and helping people.  He was courageous and sensitive.

Roger was practical and funny.  He was a real and rich person: a husband, father, listener, and raconteur.  He had a great sense of humor and uncanny insights about life, including, of course, psychology and health.  He appreciated good things in life, and he had a heart for those suffering trauma and misfortune.  He was a generous man who stood his ground, a ground that bore fruit that nourished so many people.  Roger’s work originally challenged my beliefs.  I learned from him and followed his lead because he was respectful and honest.  He cared about people and valued them, even as he pressed on relentlessly for empirical results.  He led me to grow and to greatly expand my positive impact on others.  Roger’s work gave me freedom, and his personality and compassion gave me love and a sense of belonging.

He changed my life so much and with such inspiration.  His work and spirit will transpire through many generations.  He is one of the great ones.

Roger, you will always live in my heart.

Mark Steinberg


Dear Joanne, I knew, of course, that this day would come. I extend, as does Ed, my deepest and most sincere sympathy to you and your families. Roger was one of the few who have truly made a difference in the world and in the health and well-being of the human race. I will forever consider knowing Roger to be one of the greatest gifts in my life. Words fail to express how I feel, such a loss to the world! At this moment consider yourself tenderly hugged.

Lois L. Sugarman, Ph.D.,RCT,TFT-Adv


callahan-London2009Roger, you changed my life and taught me many many things why people suffer. You saved many lives in the world because psychological distress afflict so many people and even cause wars. Your great work continue saving more and more people.

Your words are always on my mind and engraved in my spirit that are taken over to the next generations. You would go on ahead and I will meet you there decades later again.

With my deepest appreciation and respect.

Gassho (with our hands in prayer)

Ayame Morikawa, Ph.D., VT Chairperson of Japanese Association for TFT” May his soul rest in peace.


I am truly saddened by the death of Dr. Roger Callahan. His passing will leave a void in the lives of all the people he touched, changed and affected in the most profound way. His legacy remains very much alive in his teaching and in our commitment to continue to change people’s lives through his teaching. I appreciate all what you have done for me and I’ll never forget it. Thank u so much. My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you and all his friends and family.

With deepest sympathy,
Basim Qudori, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The TFT family
The TFT family


Roger has been one of those rare human beings who has shown us the way to change the world, one person at a time.  His gift of healing has spread to all corners of the earth.  My experience in Rwanda has shown how his work has touched the lives of thousands upon thousands in just a short time and through healing with TFT, Rwanda has brought about peace between neighbors who otherwise say they could have not known peace.  This is happening also in Uganda, and now the Congo and so many other places in the world. The effects of Roger’s work is not limited to Africa.

Through his work, those of us who work with others are able to help so many whose lives we touch every day.  What a blessing he has brought to the world we live in.  

Happy journeys Roger


normaThere are few people in this world who come into our lives and change them for the better, forever. Roger has been that not only to me, but to thousands and thousands of people all around the world – past, present, and long into the future, as a result of the tremendous benefit brought upon the world, in his brilliant discovery of Thought Filed Therapy.

I have been one of the very fortunate people able to have Roger as a trusted mentor and beloved friend, and in his last years, as a treasured Homeopathic client, of which I am so proud. I loved Roger dearly, and will miss him terribly. From this remarkable man’s amazing work, we will all continue on benefiting in our inner and outer health, our practises, our lives, and above all in our shared thought field. May God rest Roger’s hugely contributive soul in the very peace which passeth all understanding.

Love, Norma


I feel especially blessed in having met Roger Callahan in person several times, having received personal help from him, and having been one of his students. I remember him as an honest, simple and pure loving man, humble in his greatness, an example of genuine helper of humanity, together with Joanne. May the pain, which his departure for the realms of light has caused to his family and to all of us who have known him, soon be replaced by the peace in our faith that his soul is now resting in divine love. The gratitude for his presence in our lives and his offerings to the world will live forever on our earth.

Thank you, Roger. Blessings to you, Joanne, and family.

I kept seeing the advertising of the Callahan Technique for several months, more than 12 years ago, until I finally decided to attend an algorithm course.  I had a question about it and I called the headquarters (Roger’s office) and there was Joanne answering the phone and saying, why don’t you come and learn everything from us? This was a turning point in my life. In a few days the obstacles were resolved and I was accepted to the class. I was impressed by the Teacher. Roger even offered a special session to me, because of my low HRV.  I was also impressed by the high academic level of the students. I came back home decided to test the application of what I learned. It all seemed so new, so strange, almost unbelievable. Again and again my mind went back, to the memory of those psychology PhD’s who were in the class with me and spoke about their experiences. They were serious. And they had results. I was a PhD, too, but not in Psychology.

I had an enthusiasm together with my doubts. So I started applying the technique to friends. After a short time I realized the real value of what I had learned. And I became a strong supporter of TFT, continuing up to the Advanced level. After each seminar or conference I attended, I felt stronger and more grateful for belonging to the TFT community. I felt Roger, the father of TFT, as a kind of father also to all of us who studied with him.  He has made a strong impact on me and on the whole world. The gratitude of humanity accompanies his soul in the heavens now and forever.



Dear Joanne; Hola:

It is because Roger that I change my life, from chemistry and factories to therapy and deal with people. I feel grateful for all he did to me, to my family, to many Mexican people and to many Tanzanian people.

God bless him and give you strength to follow his work.

Warmly, Alvaro and Georgette





We would like to share with everyone through these photographs the amazing gift that Roger has given to us all. The photographs highlight how easy it is to change peoples’ lives forever.  Training at algorithm level, using local people as interpreters, small teams of six or less TFT trainers can demonstrate and supervise practice sessions.

We are able to share this great gift with people who cannot read or write. They are poor, and often hungry, yet willing to walk miles in the heat, sometimes with their youngest child on their back to attend two days training in TFT, and be provided with very basic food, water and accommodation.

Our training always attracts local children who follow the training with interest, amusement and excitement (especially when photographed!). They know that we will make the food supply stretch a little further to include them and to show their gratitude they often dance or sing for us. Their willingness to sacrifice time away from their villages for no payment, enables us to undertake large scale research projects regarding TFT and PTSD, a requirement to embed TFT in healthcare systems.

Research studies are expensive and hard work. Please help us to help by making a contribution to the Foundation, every little helps. We have lost a great man. In Joanne Callahan we have a great woman, co-founder of TFT and passionate about the future of TFT.  Please make healing the world a reality supported by all practitioners.

Phyll & Howard Robson, Thought Field Therapy Foundation UK


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