TFT Energy Tapping helps people suffering from a variety of psychological problems. Dr. Callahan's Thought Field Therapy works for anxiety and stress related fears. Meridian EFT Tapping alternative

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Dr. Roger and Joanne Callahan, Founder and Developers,Thought Field Therapy (TFT for short).

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Tapping Body's Energy

The TFT Stress Buster Tapping Class is the perfect way to learn how to apply benefits of TFT Tapping to your everyday life.

Let Roger and Joanne Callahan guide you through the steps of TFT in the one-hour instantly accessible TFT Stress Buster Program recording.

You'll learn how to use TFT to relieve negative emotions, stress, and anxiety in this special audio class that we've recorded so we could share it with those that need immediate help.

It's perfect for anyone who is suffering from stress, anxiety or fear in their life.

You'll get a deeper understanding of how to apply the TFT algorithm (tapping sequences) to relieve stress and anxiety, fear of flying, public speaking, fear of heights, driving on freeways... and more.

You'll also listen in to the demonstrations of TFT, and witness exactly how it can be applied to specific problems - see how quickly it can overcome even the most difficult challenges!

Learn how to use TFT to instantly relieve negative emotions, stress, or anxiety...

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"I witnessed a very horrible event 30 years ago. Since then I have experience other events that compounded the problem. I was treated as a volunteer during a Tele-Class. The treatment has s been very successful. I use the PR for reversal when I get a bad feeling. This is the best I've felt since the incidents over the past 30 yrs.
Thank you for your help." Carolyn B.

The experience was amazing for me! I had instant progress and continue to work with the material. I will continue on and if I have difficulties, I will contact you. Thank you for your time and effort! David S.

I have recently had a total knee replacement and have been using percocet to manage pain. I am now having less pain and so have decreased my usage of this pain med. but have found that my anxiety levels seem increased to where I sometimes feel like I want to jump out of me skin. I used the collar bone breathing technique and within approx. 20 seconds after finishing the technique the jumpy feeling left me and I felt a perceptible shift in my body. The body settled and I was able to fall asleep quickly. Thank You. I am registered for your Boot Camp in Canada May 21 and 22, and am looking forward to being able to help my own clients with this wonderful therapy. Shirley J.


TFT training - learn how to tap to healthyes
Please give me instant access to the TFT Stress Buster Program recording, so I can discover how to apply the power of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to ANY fear, anxiety, or stress I am suffering from.

I understand that these are the same techniques you’ve utilized (almost effortlessly) and demonstrated on radio and television for CNN (3 Times!), "Good Morning America," Evening Magazine, Regis and Kelly, Jenny Jones, Tom Snyder, "LEEZA", Phil Donahue and The View with Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg as well as many others.

After Joanne Callahan's TFT class and Roger Callahan's demonstrations, you'll...

    • Think Clearly
    • Improve relationships
    • Eliminate negative emotions
    • Transform fears into hopeful visions for your future
    • Discover how TFT will work for anyone - even the biggest skeptic!

…And much more!

PLUS, buy now and get the The Introduction to Thought Field Therapy Guide... a workbook to use as you listen to this special class.

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* Disclaimer: The self-help products recommended on this web site are for the purpose of reducing fears, stress and various associated daily problems only. They are not intended as treatment or prescription for any disease, mental or physical, or as a substitute for regular medical or psychological care.

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