An invaluable tool to help the thousands of people suffering from a variety of psychological problems. Even if yours is a complex case, Dr. Callahan's method worksfor stress related fears.

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Emotional Freedom Technique - TFT/ EFT Meridian Tapping - EFT

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Use Thought Field Therapy® (TFT) Tapping To Overcome Anxiety, Fear and Stress In Minutes...

Our FREE TFT Tapping Therapy Guide is a step-by-step tutorial of the tapping sequences to beat your stress, anxiety or fears... in just minutes. Get Emotional Freedom With the TFT Tapping Technique. You'll also receive a video tutorial showing you how to tap away your stress in minutes.

I have been using TFT Tapping Therapy for only 3 days, and am already seeing results in my ability to handle stressful situations, without allowing it to take me off course. Very easy to follow, takes less than 5 minutes, yet the results are very powerful.  I am very grateful for this program!   - Louise S.

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Thought Field Therapy® (TFT) Tapping
Provides the Code to Nature's Healing System.
Celebrating Over 30 Years of Success
in Meridian Energy Psychology Therapy.

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From The Founder Of Tapping Therapy...
The Original Emotional Freedom Technique.

Roger CallahanThought Field Therapy (TFT) is the sequential tapping procedure that Dr. Roger Callahan discovered, which provides a code to nature's healing system. When TFT is applied to problems it addresses their fundamental causes, balancing the body's energy system, and allows you to eliminate most negative emotions or fears within minutes.

TFT Tapping Therapy is a highly effective, non-invasive, healthy self-help alternative to long-term, or drug-related psychotherapy.

The healing world of Callahan Techniques® and Thought Field Therapy® spawned the beginnings of many therapies, often collectively called Energy Psychology.

Most have a basis in the original form of Thought Field Therapy, and, together have all performed a tremendous service to improve the effectiveness of healing and the field of psychology.

Thought Field Therapy often works when nothing else will... It has been used for weight loss, stop smoking, phobias, trauma relief, love pain, and much, much more.

Thought Field Therapy, or TFT for short, uses a tapping sequence in the form of a healing code, balancing the body's energy system and allowing you to eliminate most negative emotions within minutes, while promoting the body's own healing ability.

Thought Field Therapy is used for:

• Trauma relief
• Elimination of fears, anxiety and stress
• Successful weight loss or smoking cessation
• Ease the weight of depression without medications
• Leading emotional freedom technique - providing you with a path to success

Dr. Callahan has demonstrated his tapping therapy on CNN, Regis & Kelly, LEEZA, Oprah, and other television and radio shows world-wide. By sharing the TFT meridian tapping techniques, Dr. Roger Callahan believes he can have a significant impact on the decrease of human suffering.

“What’s fascinating about TFT is it’s quick, painless and it’s success rate is almost unheard of in the field of mental health in any type of treatment over this whole century.”   Shad Meshad, President, National Veterans Foundation & Founder and Author of the National Vet Center Program.

"I witnessed a very horrible event 30 years ago. Since then I have experience other events that compounded the problem. I was treated as a volunteer during a Tele-Class. The treatment has s been very successful. I use the PR for reversal when I get a bad feeling. This is the best I've felt since the incidents over the past 30 yrs. Thank you for your help." Carolyn B.

“Tapping the Healer Within”

Love Pain reliefUsing Thought Field Therapy® to Instantly Conquer
Your Fears, Anxieties, and Emotional Distress.

By Roger J. Callahan, PhD,
with Richard Trubo, Forward by Dr. Earl Mindell.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) has already changed the way thousands of people have overcome emotional problems. Now the founder of TFT shows readers how to harness its healing power on their own, to overcome phobias, anxieties, addictions, and other common psychological problems. The process combines principles of Western and Eastern healing methods, using energy points in the body to release emotional distress.

"An invaluable tool to help the thousands of people suffering from a variety of psychological problems. Even if yours is a complex case, Dr. Callahan's method works."... from the Foreword by Dr. Earl Mindell, author of Prescription Alternatives and Dr. Earl Mindell's Secrets of Natural Health

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Tapping Body's Energy"Tapping the Body's Energy Pathways"

Real People Reveal How Thought Field Therapy® Heals Trauma, Anxiety and Disease.

by Dr. Roger Callahan & Joanne Callahan

Get on iStore - Tapping The Energy PathwaysWith the stories in this book, you’ll see for yourself how other people—perhaps with the same disorder or limiting behavior that you have—have used TFT tapping therapy to instantly calm the stress, eliminate the fears and phobias, erase what’s holding them back from success, and begin the process of healing, emotionally, physically and psychologically...

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EFT Tapping Therapy - emotional freedom technique

We welcome Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping Therapy Practitioners to TFT.
TFT offers advanced EFT Algorithms to help overcome specific challenges!


Tapping Therapy - expanding on EFT claims, the sequence of meridian points does matter. Once reversals are identified and cleared, the correct meridian sequence will often result in dramatic drops in experienced distress. One of Dr Callahan's analogies is with a combination lock - when the correct sequence of points is tapped, the perturbation is released. Commonly occurring meridian sequences have been found to contain the perturbations behind a variety of states of distress, such as anxiety, trauma, guilt, humiliation, depression, and so forth. The common sequences, which can be used without the skilled diagnostic procedure, are called algorithms. Many of these are described in Dr Callahan's book Tapping the Healer Within. Dr.  Callahan considers 'psychological reversal' to be one of his most important discoveries - and this is undoubtedly the case. Although these are addressed in EFT, they are given less emphasis than in TFT, where they can be detected, corrected, and the results observed. EFT, with its standard 'non-sequence' and embedded correction for reversals in the 'set-up', does work, but it is less efficient and precise [in my experience] than TFT. Some of the material on Gary Craig's 'EFT course' is actually TFT. Thought Field Tapping Therapy is a field of information, expressed in the body's energy system, generated by the thought in the mind. This formulation is subtly different from the EFT idea of a blockage in energy system. On the other hand, there have been important contributions within EFT, in terms of the use of language and the targeting of the method on specific aspects. Both approaches have something of value - but if a person learns only EFT then he or she may be unaware of some important details that are taught within TFT. These complexities and subtleties are discussed by Ian Graham, of the British Thought Field Therapy Association, who has compiled a detailed account of differences between TFT and EFT.


* Disclaimer: The self-help products recommended on this web site are for the purpose of reducing fears, stress and various associated daily problems only. They are not intended as treatment or prescription for any disease, mental or physical, or as a substitute for regular medical or psychological care.

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