Learn to Use TFT To Help Yourself and Others

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The TFT Boot Camp is hands-on training with live tapping demonstrations... attendees have the opportunity to work on personal issues and many experience complete resolution of these issues during the weekend.

Learn to use TFT to help yourself and others!
Join us at a location near you:

September 22-23, Norwich, England

3-Payment Plan Available!

Attend a 2-day course that specifically
meets the needs of these individuals:

Tapping practitioners • Human resource managers • Parents • Counselors • Educators
• Teachers • Clergy • Business owners • Coaches • EFT practitioners
Healthcare workers in other fields like medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic, and naturopathic

TFT TrainingWe have taken the very best TFT has to offer and packaged it together into a weekend training, called the TFT Boot Camp.

Best of all, the course is limited to 10-25 people, to allow for hands-on training.

Your training program includes step-by-step protocols, relevant handouts, and a combination of demonstration and instructional support materials including actual recorded live sessions (to refer to again and again).

A variety of problems are addressed including; physical pain, abuse, trauma victims, anxiety or panic, depression, addictions, anorexia, simple phobias and many of life’s problems that we all experience. This gives you a wide background to not only rapidly increase your skills, but discover the benefits of TFT for yourself.

Many part-time practitioners and healthcare workers from other fields have said:

“I have heard so much about the power of TFT and want to be able to add it to my practice, but I don’t have the time or need to learn all the levels of training and comprehensive theory. Can’t you just give me the most effective tools to add to my practice.”

I would like to thank you for a life-changing weekend! Since I learned my first algorithm my life was never the same! Now I can't imagine living the rest of my life without TFT! Your instruction and guidance is very much appreciated! I'm proud to have joined such a wonderful organization and I do believe we will change many more lives together! Marjorie Alayon

Others, like mothers, school teachers, massage therapists and clergy tell us they want to be able to use the powerful tools of TFT to help their friends, family or congregations, but they don’t want to know all the theory behind it or do a lot of studying. They just want to help themselves and others.

tapping the healerThought Field Therapy® (TFT) is gaining worldwide attention at an ever increasing rate. Dr. Callahan’s book, Tapping the Healer Within, is now available in Danish, Norwegian, Japanese, French, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic Russian, and, also in the United Kingdom in paperback. TFT is reaching a worldwide audience.

The results TFT achieves for our readers are positively astounding. There is an ever-increasing demand to learn TFT at all levels.

Public awareness is constantly growing as TFT is recommended by high profile individuals, trainers and celebrities such as Paul McKenna (UK) and Jack Canfield (Success Principles, USA) and Joe Vitale (of the Secret). They use and recommend TFT in their trainings, on national television, and in best-selling books throughout Europe and USA.

You and I know there are millions of consumers in today’s chaotic, rapidly-changing world, who could greatly improve their lives through these simple self-applied procedures.

TFT has been called one of the “power therapies” of the next century.

tapping the healerTFT Tapping is recognized as

“...one of the most effective and most powerful for quick clinical relief and help....and the idea of psychological reversal is one of the major discoveries in psychology.” - Gary Emery, PhD, co-author, Anxiety Disorders and Phobias: A Cognitive Perspective.

We are now making it possible for virtually any professional to receive personal instruction in the best of TFT algorithms and diagnosis, in a small group setting.

You now have the opportunity to join the healing world of TFT, learning just what you need to help your family or boost your practice.

Here's what some of the practitioners & healthcare professionals have said about their training in TFT.

"As a physician, I have attended trainings given by chiropractors, physicians, universities and pharmaceutical companies and this is the best training I have ever taken with its potential for human healing". - Arthur R. Davis, Jr. MD

"I have attended several TFT seminars in the last few years. However, the TFT Boot camp is the best. The two-day seminar showed me a clear step-by-step procedure that it was very easy to understand. The hand on sessions answered all my questions and gave me experience with TFT Diagnosis and Toxin identification and neutralization. I was able to practice TFT in my office Monday after the training.

The TFT Boot Camp taught me how to deal with treatment block and returning of symptoms after being treated. These two challenges are the most frustrated problems that anyone can have in the office.

Further, I am very grateful to TFT in learning how to measure the patient’s improvement objectively. Feeling better can not be compared to see a number recorded of the body’s Heart Rate Variability.

Adding TFT into my practice, the time I spend with the treatment is shortened. The patient is happier with the good result because the treatment is continued at home."
- Tutsie Silapalikitporn

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class! I began to get sick with the flu; however, we relieved some stress and ingested toxins, which gave my body a much better opportunity to heal itself. Jenny is a wonderful teacher and a walking example of what she teaches. I look forward to incorporating this into my Holistic Animal Practice and my Breathwork Practice". - Mary Kennedy, In the Presence of Animals

"This training was awesome! I was able to get rid of my spider phobia and the trauma from my second grade teacher that has plagued me for 50-plus years! I’m excited to go out and give others the tools to help themselves. Jenny was great. She was fun and explained things excellently!" - Dee

"This is my second TFT training. I was brand new to TFT five months ago. The first training was exciting and also overwhelming. Now, I really feel more confident in my knowledge and ability to use TFT. In addition, I was able to release anxiety from a childhood trauma and physical pain from an adult accident. I am hopeful about the impact TFT will have on family, friends, and clients. It completely reversed to a minus 10! I am overwhelmed with surprise by what seems like a healing miracle!" - Janice Steinbach

"This is my second Boot Camp experience. It has helped to solidify the concepts of TFT. While I didn’t feel comfortable using TFT in my work after the first Boot Camp, I feel ready to start now. Jenny is a wonderful instructor. She makes you feel comfortable in dealing with even the most sensitive of traumas". Judy Israel

Jack Canfield

“I have seen miracles using Dr. Callahan's techniques. Isn't it time we stopped settling for anything less than miracles?”

– Jack Canfield, Editor, NY Times Best Selling Author,
Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"...I have been practicing TFT and evangelistically spreading the word of this wonderful technology now for several years and I never cease to be amazed by the powerful effect that it has upon people to change their lives for the better". - Paul McKenna, PhD, author of I Can Make You Thin.

"I would like to thank you for your training this weekend it was an amazing experience. Meeting Dr. Callahan was very important event for me and most of the class. For me it was the biggest deal. Dr. Callahan is my idol and my celebrity, also that he spent few minutes with me one on one was very special. Thank you for everything. Thank you!" - Dominika

Past Boot Camp attendees have found it an amazing, information packed program...

Jeff Newman says:

“As a busy marketing strategist and consultant I’m always looking for tools that will give my clients the competitive edge and I don’t have time to waist learning theories that don’t apply directly to business in the real world. The program was amazing, we learned incredible tools to instantly enrich our well being…and in business you need to be at your best mentally and physically all the time or you’ll be out of business! This intense, information packed program over delivered and I am grateful for my business colleagues who introduced me to TFT.”

TFt tapping training

This is your opportunity to get hands-on training of Callahan Techniques® Thought Field Therapy®.

This information alone could add a complete new profit center to your practice and years of good health to your life.

You will be learning the same powerful algorithms that the TFT Foundation has used in the field in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, or in Rwanda with orphans of the genocide. This powerful complex algorithm helps war veterans, disaster victims and genocide victims, imagine how it could help you and your clients or loved ones with their daily traumas and challenges.

Another, very powerful procedure you will learn is how to help cravings and addictive urges, even obsessive negative behaviors. In fact, these procedures are so effective, top weight loss and addiction professionals use them as the basis or part of their best-selling programs.

Our past trainees agree TFT is by far the most effective and efficient treatment available today. Many come back for a further training or a refresher course and the latest developments in TFT procedures. We encourage their continued education in TFT.

tapping the healerThink how much better you or a family member could feel if you could eliminate all the negative side-effects of a necessary medication. I know from personal experience, how much better life is without the headache, nausea or flu-like symptoms that come with some necessary medications.

Attendees will also receive the materials included in the Basic Diagnostic Training Program. This material allows you to diagnose, i.e., determine the precise sequence of tapping required, to quickly help most psychological problems and daily stresses.

Be a part of a rapidly growing international group healing the world with TFT Meridian Tapping.

Respectfully Yours,
Joanne Callahan TFT EFT
Joanne M Callahan, MBA
President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.

P.S. Attendance is Purposely Limited and Sessions Fill Fast! Don't miss this chance to experience a TFT Boot Camp. Register now to reserve your seat.

P.S.S. Completion of the TFT Boot Camp meets the eligibility requirement for learning the TFT Voice Technology in our highly acclaimed Optimal Health Course.

As a Boot Camp attendee, you get all these items included with your course:

Algorithm Level Training - $349
Basic Diagnostic Training – $499
Sensitivities, Intolerances and Toxins – Self Study Program - $169
Voltmeter & Psychological Reversal downloadable book - $79
Algorithm wall chart download - $20

Only $997.00 USD
3-Payment Plan Available!

This Boot Camp course includes hands-on training, practice and live demonstrations with the participants. All attendees have the opportunity to work on personal issues and many experience complete resolution of these issues during the weekend.

TFT -EFT Boot Camp

For more information email Joanne Callahan
email: info@tftrx.com or call (434) 361-0000


Can't Make a Live Training?

Overcome Fears

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TFT Boot Camp Home Study

The TFT Boot Camp Home Study is for those wishing to learn how to use Thought Field Therapy at an advanced level to help others. It's for those wanting to experiencing the training given at our live Boot Camp event, but can't make the time to travel to a Boot Camp.

The program teaches the step-by-step process for determining precise protocols for whatever the presenting problems (the same methods by which all of the above algorithm packages were developed).

Your receive:

  • CD - Evidence and Observations and Cheat Sheet package
  • 4 DVD's - Day 1 and Day 2
  • 1998 Toxins - 2 DVD's
  • Basic Diagnostics - DVD
  • The TFT manual - 165 page Thought Field Therapy Manual.

Regularly $497.00

ON SALE $397.00

(If you later decide to attend a live Boot Camp, $300 of your purchase price will be applied to your registration fee.)

>> Click here or details of the Boot Camp Package <<


Note: You can apply $300 of your purchase to
a live Boot Camp Training at a later date.


* Cancellation Policy: If you find you must cancel and have not received your pre-study materials, you may cancel anytime prior to ten 10 days prior to the event and receive a refund (if you have paid with a credit card, you will receive your refund less the credit card fees). If you have already received your pre-study materials you may transfer your registration to any other scheduled training event.

NOTE: We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any training event if necessary.



* Disclaimer: The self-help products recommended on this web site are for the purpose of reducing fears, stress and various associated daily problems only. They are not intended as treatment or prescription for any disease, mental or physical, or as a substitute for regular medical or psychological care.

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