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The Fast Track to An Awakened Mind:

Combining TFT and High-Tech Meditation to Develop an "Awakened Mind"


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What is an Awakened Mind?

" is the "lucid awareness" of meditation "coexistent with thought processes" -Maxwell Cade.

"It is the brain wave patterns of high performance, high creativity and bursts of peak experience - the "ah-ha" or "eureka" moments." - Anna Wise

We all seek that peace of mind or state of consciousness that awakens or enlivens our entire being. Yogis, Zen masters, great artists and many others have learned to develop this state, many living from this state of being.

Most of these people have spent much of their lives reaching this awakened state. Discovering this state allows us to tap into our highest potential.

Join me on this Special Audio-class on
Combining High-Tech Meditation & TFT

Joanne callahanBoth techniques compliment each other. When combined together, they empower you to take control of your mind while bring about a peaceful feeling throughout your body. The goal is to develop a long-term practice of self-awareness and control, to help in handling stress, depression, sleep deprivation, and other life challenges.

In this audio class, I'll share the high-tech tools and TFT techniques to facilitate moving toward our highest goal or purpose, maximizing our meditative efforts and improving our balance and quality of life.

I'll walk you through how to use and combine TFT with High-Tech Meditation to develop an "Awakened Mind" brain wave pattern. I'll also share the proven High-Tech Meditation that we use and why. PLUS, I'll show you how you can measure your progress - Brain Mapping.

Brain chart

You'll discover how to use TFT to:

  • Remove blocks
  • Heal negative emotions as they arise
  • Quiet our minds
  • Increase our comfort with the process

You'll discover how to put TFT and Meditation together to gain:

  • Peaceful state of mind
  • Increased Creativity
  • Peak performance
  • Higher Intuition
  • Greater balance and wholeness
  • Higher states of consciousness

The Audio-Class Also Includes: 

  • Case histories and examples relevant to the class
  • Live demonstrations with participants – building their own personal tapping sequences with TFT Voice technology, correcting blocks as needed
  • Demonstrations will also include toxin identification as needed. 

Once you've completed the class, and put the techniques to work in your life, you'll enjoy better relationships, along with a new sense of joy, excitement, and energy for the important people and things in your life.


  • Access to the Thought Field Therapy Resource Library. It includes videos, audio and specific charts and guides to download to help you learn how to use Thought Field Therapy to overcome your specific challenges.

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... so I can discover how to take my physical and emotional wellbeing into my own hands...

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